Swati Patel

A great PT. Not only does Michael push me to do my best week after week but he makes it fun ( well sort of). He has given me good nutrition advice and also exercise plans for when I am at the gym on my own. Every week he increases my goal just that little bit to keep me motivated with both HIT and weights training. Unlike some other PTs he gives you his full attention and even lets me chat in my rest times, when I can breathe again! Would highly recommend him

Mandi Charlene

So after looking at Personal trainers profiles online for ages, and debating should I, shouldn’t I. I met with Michael for a free PT session, and so glad I did. I’ve never been in to weight training, (I’m a cardio kind of person) and I was really concerned about doing weights, but Michaels knowledge, support and enthusiasm as a PT really brings out the best in you. Not only with his PT sessions but his training plan really gives me something to work and focus on when I’m working out on my own. I would highly recommend Michael as a PT he’s great and has helped me set a plan to reach my new goals.


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Mel Southin

When I first came to Michael 3 years ago I had never set foot in a gym. He started me off with weight training which I loved. Combined with a new cleaner food regime I saw huge improvements in my body – especially my body fat percentage which dropped dramatically, I gained muscle in places I didn’t know existed. Michael is patient and he listens to what you need. He motivates you to push yourself to your limit – not his. Highly recommended.

Kelly Byron

Brilliant PT, not only friendly and down to earth but knows his stuff. The plans are fab, you will get results. Michael is one of them PT’s that encourages you through the exercise. I’d recommend him to anyone!

Michelle Simon

Always enjoyed the gym but training with Michael has really pushed me (in a good way) especially with using weights! Saw a difference to my attitude and body within just 3 weeks! Definitely recommend to anyone.

Tom Smith

Great personal programmes, great support, knowlegable, motivating and fun!

Kyle J. E. Hawkins

Was a bit dubious at first but was so helpful and encouraging. I highly recommend him to anyone! Great guy!

Mal Patel

Mike is a fantastically motivating PT. He judges the situation perfectly and adapts his sessions to make sure everyone gets the most of them without even realising how hard they’ve worked! Thoroughly recommended.

Sunrina Patel

I’ve been training with Michael for a few years now and he’s fantastic! My strength has really improved and he always pushes me to the max, switching up my workouts. I would definitely recommend his PT sessions!